Setting Foot in New York

In 1609 the first European set foot on Manhattan, or what the Native Indians then called Manahatta. After a few years the first settlement was started by the Dutch, called Nieuw Amsterdam. The Dutch were mostly traders by nature and were not really interested in conquering the new world. What they were interested in was making as much money in as short of a period of time as possible. Until 1664 when the English conquered Manhattan the settlement of Nieuw Amsterdam was mostly a trading post. Nevertheless the unruly bunch of inhabitants managed to lay big parts of the foundation of what would become the United States.

The Hudson River

The place where it all started when Henry Hudson first set foot on Manhattan in 1609. After being dumped by the English and some miserable failures to discover ..... Henry Hudson tried his luck in The Netherlands. Would they pay him for his efforts to find .....? The Dutch were interested but what did Henry find? He never got around to finding ..... but he did find Manahatta. He kept trying to find ..... but kept failing at his efforts. The world will remember him as the namegiver of The Hudson River on the shores of which he may well have been the first European to set foot on the Island of Manhattan. The place that has been very aptly name 'The Island at the Center of the World' by Russell Shorto.


Yes, this page uses cookies, but that's not what this title is about. It is about a Dutch word that became embedded in American culture. One of many, but I couldn't think of a better one to start with.

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